Welcome wild one, to the mystery, magick and medicine that is Rose. Together we embark on a journey of remembrance. An ancient Journey etched into the bones of modern-day Witches, Priestesses, Mystics, and Wild Women.  In this journey we will walk the winding path of Mystery - gaze into galaxies of gorgeous gateways, Dive into depths of divine direction, Be enveloped in the enchanting Truths that are encoded into Journey with Rose. We will Venture into Rose's tangible traditions of medicine and magick, open the portal of bewitching beauty, explore the brilliant legacy, mystery, and majesty that is Rose; and all who devote themselves to her path.

Our Journey

6 modules, 7 live calls, 3 months of discovery, magick and the winding path of mystery

    1. Welcome to Journey with Rose

    2. Keys to the Journey

    3. Preparing the Soil

    4. Journey with Rose Playlist {Get into the Vibe}

    5. Live Call #1

    1. Call #1 REPLAY

    2. Welcome to Journey with Rose

    3. Journey with Rose Introduction

    4. Rose Invocation

    5. Rose Altar

    6. Craftign Your Rose Prayer

    7. Rose Infusion

    8. Journey with Rose Playlist

    9. Daily Practice 1

    10. Daily Practice 2

    11. Daily Practice 3

    12. Daily Practice 4

    13. Daily Practice 5

    14. Live Call #2

    1. Call #2 Replay: SOFTENING

    2. Welcome to module 2: Rose as a Being

    3. Talking with Flowers

    4. The Wild Rose

    5. Preparing for your Activation

    6. Sensual Activation {Guided Practice}

    7. My Inner Rose Essence {Guided Journey}

    8. What is Rose Saying to You? {Guided Journey}

    9. Daily Practice 1

    10. Daily Practice 2

    11. Daily Practice #3

    12. Daily Practice 4

    13. Daily Practice 5

    14. Live Call #3

    1. Welcome to Moduel 3

    2. Exploring Rose as a Healer

    3. Rose as a Healer Workbook

    4. Empty to Open: Receiving Love & Miracles {Guided Practice}

    5. Soft Body, Open Heart {Guided Activtion}

    6. Rose Oil Infusion

    7. Flower Essences Introduction

    8. Flower Essence Intro Workbook

    9. Live Call #4

    10. Acceptance & Being THORNY Call #3 Replay

    1. Mysteries of the Rose

    2. Rose Lineage

    3. Rose & the Bees: Fibonacci + Spirals to Infinity

    4. Rose Spiral Opening into Infinity {Guided Journey}

    5. Infinity Visulization

    6. Rose Gate Ways

    7. Wild Rose

    1. Introducing the scarlet Rose

    2. Womb Wisdom

    3. Womb Connection {Guied Practice}

    4. Cyclical Existence

    5. Crone

    6. Crimson Rose

    7. Rose-Inbodied Playlist

3 months of mystery, magick and medicine.

  • $777.00

Take me to my sacred depths & unfurl the petals of my Heart, as I Journey with Rose

3 different options to make your journey both expansive and easful

What Women Experienced

“Journey with Rose was a portal into the land of roses. A beautiful love story, weaving the web of tender compassion back into my being. It was synchronistically divine. I met myself on deeper, more loving levels through rose. And rose, oh rose, a being of beauty and grace, taught me to love my thorns. Journey with Rose taught me how to journey intimately in many ways, and I found so many jewels within it. Connecting back to my sensuality, grace, compassion, and thorns has made me a more tender openhearted human to be able to show up softly and still be protected. ❤ . And Autumn was the most loving, accepting rose guide a girl could ask for. I'm so thankful for her wisdom and her beautiful beautiful perspectives. She sees the world through rose and reflects it back to you. It was a journey I will cherish for the rest of my life. 🌒🌹🌘”


“Autumn held such a beautiful container for me to enter the sisterhood of the Rose and step into my Rose Lineage path for life 🌹❤️ this work has answered a deep soul calling for me and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. The science podcast helped me understand Rose so much, then I got to relate with her through beautiful meditations and exercises Autumn has seeded. Overall I have connected to boundaries (my spiritual thorns), my sensuality, grief and childhood wounds. All such rosey gifts and Autumn steps into Rose essence to example the embodiment and help us meet her in that vibration. Autumn carried the vibration of Rose Mother to me from my perception and I’m so grateful and couldn’t recommend this sweet journey more.”




  • When do we begin?

    Journey with Rose begins Moonday July 11th. Our calls are at 11:30am HST.

  • How often do we meet on live calls?

    All calls are on moondays. We meet biweekly starting July 11th for 3 months. Each call is recorded so if you have to miss a few no worries, but I ask you commit to being on atlest 50% of our live calls.

  • What is the Rose Sisterhood?

    Our Journey is being filled by beautiful, like minded women. As you eneter this space you are joining a powerful coven of women devoted to their journey. This is a space for cocreative and solitary journey.

  • Is there a payment plan option?

    You can pay in one payment of $777 or 3 monthly payments of $270 or 6 monthly payments of $143. If you need a more specific payment plan message me on Instagram.

Integrity of this Container

Some key ingredients to uphold our container.

  • This journey is for YOU. When you say yes to journey with rose you are saying YES to your own self discovery. My ask is that you commit 100% to our container. You will get so much more out of this when you choose to show all the way up.

  • As you enter this container you are entering a sacred, magickal space. The vibe is confidential. What unfolds in our sacred rose circle, stays with in our container. We keep this a super sacred, safe space for the sisterhood.

  • This journey is juicy, sensual, deep and transformative. Show up with your whole heart, I welcome every bit of you into this space. Your vulnerabilty is appreciated and honored. You never have to be anything else other than what you are.

  • Once you are in, you are in! Signing up commits you to the payment plan you choose. Thank you for taking responsibility & ownership for yourself along this incredible journey! I am so excited to have you.

unfurl the mysteries

step into the world of the Rose