Its Inevitable.

It is already done.  

You are the Source of what you desire -  MWM is a space to hold you accountable in what you know so you can create exactly what you want.

Your Success is Inevitable.

MWM is a 3 month mastermind to break down the manifestation process so you can live in accordance with the laws of the universe and create the life of your wildest dreams come true.

Magick is a State of Being.

The Magick woman applies the Knowledge of the Universe, she doesn't just contemplate it or use lip-service.. She knows the secret to getting everything she desires, because she IS the secret. MWM is the place to be held accountable in real life-ing your dreams. Through the application of Quantum Mechanics, Deep Identity work, & developing a devotional practice for your inevitable success.

Our Flow:

🖤 The invitation is for YOU to choose YOU & DEVOTE to the woman you know you are capable of being, embodying, "my success is inevitable."

🖤 We meet 3x a month on Mondays ( a few Sunday sessions might be in the cards depending on our groups dynamic)

🖤 Our meetings are focused around  transmissions, shares, hot seat coaching, accountability, embodiment practices, EFT work, soul-strategy-alignment, quantum physics & refining our energetic resonance

🖤 You receive actual course work, journal prompts audios, guided meditations, and more

🖤 We are focused on expanding your capacity to receive, opening up a feminine frequency of Trust & helping you take aligned, inspired & LIT TF UP action 

🖤 This is for the woman that knows she is capable of creating magick, has big dreams & is ready to bring them into reality.

🖤 We will be releasing limiting beliefs, letting go of self doubt, dumping the inner self sabotage-r, letting go of the fear of your GREATNESS, and aligning to your POWER.

🖤 bonus guest experts will be sprinkled in  

🖤 this is a 3 month commitment with the opportunity to expand for 3 more months

3 months can change your life if you devote to realizing your Power.

To the women who are ready to choose to live big, live in their Power and sync-up to their most expansive reality.. Im talking Heart resonance, FEELING the magick that it IS to exist, a deep body KNOWING that life is happening for you, and the CONFIDENCE to OWN what it is you are creating and watch it manifest....

Let's do it. ✨