How would it feel to live in your Queen Energy?

Queen energy is Magnetic.

A woman in her queen energy is a woman who knows what she wants and knows she can have it… 

She knows she can create it. 

She knows there is no one else above her when she is on her throne.

She is queen of her own queendom, powerful in who she is.

She isn’t reaching to be anything else. She is rooted deeply into her being, into her soul.

A woman in her Queen energy has taken responsibility for her fullness.


She isn’t apologetic. She isn’t dimming herself. She isn’t deflecting compliments. She isn’t shying away from her magick…

You can feel a woman in her queen energy. You can see it in the way she carries herself. In the way she believes in herself. 

And that permission, that acceptance, that radiance... It’s magnetic. 

 Are you ready to activate your inner Queen? 

Its time for you to:

👑 Feel magnetic, radiant, confident and powerful

👑 Have the tools, resources & practices to finally be the queen that you are

👑 Believe fully & powerfully in your ability to create whatever you desire 

👑 Release limiting beliefs & stories such as "I am not good enough," "others know more than me," and "I'll stay small because I am afraid of what others will think.."

👑  Own with confidence who you are and the magick that you have

👑 Create a rich and beautiful life full of joy and vitality.

Ready to become Queen?

Queen Bee gives you the step-by-step process for living in your Queen Energy and leaving behind good girl tendencies.

It's time to hold your Power, Own your Magick, Manifest your Dreams, & Ascend onto the Throne of your life.

I have been there...

Trapped like a princess in a tower, bound to my insecurities and wishing to be saved, I was waiting for some future outcome to finally deem me worthy... I was playing small and refusing to hold my Power... 
I felt like this kept me safe but actually, I was powerless and vulnerable. I abandoned myself and desperately looked for an outside authority to tell me the secret to success, wealth, beauty, self love, etc. I wanted to be saved from myself. I had huge dreams, big desires and heart-aching knowing that I had to save myself..

But still, I doubted the universe & had a "good girl" mindset... I KNEW (in my mind) all the Spiritual & Quantum Truths, how this life could work out in my favor.. but still, I crumbled at every challenge. 

I was still waiting for the outside world to punish me... as the Good Girl was taught.

 Sound familiar?

 It wasn't until I FINALLY took responsibility for my Power that I became free...

The 3 M's for the Queen Bee

In Queen Bee we will be working with the 3 M's:

👑 Magick

👑 Mindset

👑 Manifestation

The embodiment of these 3 Truths will set the foundation for your Transformation.

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Its time to tap into the Queen that exists with in you.

We are taught from a very young age that the good girl gets rewarded.. and the bad girl gets punished.

The "good girl" is validated by the outside world. She does what she is told, she does what is expected of her. She receives approval from the outside authorities, a forever princess answering to the outside world..

And if she doesn't do what she is told, she is deemed the "bad girl." If she listens to her intuition, speaks her truth, lives in her magick, explores her sexual power, or dares to be different in any way.. She is bad. She is now the shunned princess

So must of us stay "good." She must stay safe and approved-of in the grasps of other people's opinions. 

And this may work for a while.. 

Until you become a woman.

Because a woman simply CANNOT be a good girl, because she isn't a girl and there is no longer anyone to punish her.

At this point we have 2 choices.

1. Be a good girl & punish our own self when we are not...
2. Become the Queen and make our own rules.

Choosing the become Queen will liberate you. Choosing to be Queen will set you free.

The Journey to become queen requires:

❁  Re-membering your Divine Power

👑 Becoming Confident in Who You Are

❁ Owning your Magick

👑 Taking Responsibility for your Life

❁ Developing Emotional Mastery

👑 Choosing the role of Authority over your life.

We will be journey with all of these elements in Queen Bee.

 I am so excited to witness you in your ascension. You already ARE Queen. Now we will consciously devote to her Rule.


What women are saying:

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“I have engaged with Autumns content for a few years now and over this time her insight and knowledge have helped me tremendously through tough events in my life. There was still so much I was wanting to work on though So I decided to invest in one on one Coaching with her. I had done a lot of work on my own but there has been a hurdle that I believe I was only able to jump with the guidance and support of Autumn. I just completed my 3 month journey working along side Autumn and I can’t believe where I am now in my life both emotionally and physically. In such a short amount of time she has helped me to recognize and dissolve patterns of behaviour that had been hindering my growth and success. I can only describe the journey as total transformation into my highest self. Her Skills and wisdom are so unique to her and the value of her work in unmeasurable. If you love what Autumn stands for and have a deep desire to improve your life I strongly recommend to take that first step, you don’t have to be afraid because Autumn with be there to guide you along the way. All the power you need is already within you all you might need is a little assistance to release it. Absolutely the best investment I have ever made. ”

Molly M.

“The kind of magic and power that Autumn exudes can only come from someone who is doing exactly what they are supposed to in this life. She is so good at this. I went into my session with Autumn with my mind made up about what I was going to say and how it was going to go, and I found myself completely unravelled – Autumn immediately pinpointed the root of my shadow; where my healing needs to take place. I felt so seen and validated and understood. I see a regular therapist who spent 11 years getting her PhD and I honestly feel like Autumn’s counselling was more effective. If you are on the fence about working with Autumn please take this as a sign to book a session! I will be working with her again for sure. This is a powerful goddess who is so rooted in her truth. I have so much respect for Autumn.”

Tilly H

“I will admit that I was somewhat apprehensive in signing up to talk to Autumn. I couldn’t help but wonder how she could help me. I am much older, two kids, married and I had to question her ability in being able to help me when we are in two very different stages in life. All I can say is I am beyond thankful I signed up to have her as my life coach. Autumn possess so much wisdom and insight. She is so supportive and so kind and so loving in all our calls. She seems to know exactly what to say to all my questions and doubt. I can’t say it enough–the depth of her wisdom and insight and compassion just astounds me. She has ministered so much to my soul and has helped me more than anyone I’ve ever spoken to (And that is a lot let me tell you) She cares. She deeply cares. And I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know she is just a text away. When I’m doubting myself, when my fears and anxieties are getting the best of me, I send her a quick text and she always answers back quickly and answers back with so much clarity and comfort. It has helped me immensely. I will always sing my praises for Autumn. She is a treasure and I’m honored to know her and have her on my side. She’s a blessing, a beautiful soul, and a wonderful human being. I love this dear girl and I’m so so so glad I found her and took a chance.”

Becky H.

“Working with Autumn is a truly transformative experience. Looking back, I can’t believe the progress I’ve made, how supported I’ve felt, how I’ve got to know myself on a deeper level in ways I didn’t know I could. None of this would have been possible without the coaching I received from Autumn. I would especially recommend working with Autumn if you’ve ever felt the urge to shrink (your body or your soul). The permission to just be myself in a space that was not clinical or sterile in any way was an incredibly healing experience. Coaching with Autumn has been, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and an overall invaluable experience.”

Niamh F.

“I want to really say: I absolutely recommend Autumn. I have been on a 1 on 1 journey with her and its been a blessing for me. I needed warmth, respect, and a judgment free place.. and I got all of that from Autumn and more!!! I have a friend now in her too, More like a sister. Just so safe and welcoming. If you are longing to be held in a way to heal your wounds, I recommend Autumn soooo much. One of a kind mentor she is.”

Joan L.

“To anyone who is in doubt, do it!! Autumn is the best, she helped me so much with self love, changing my narrative and just.. coping. I'm not someone who is extremely open but step by step getting there working with her tips and guidance everyday. Softening, opening, learning to flow and be present.. embracing my feminine. The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Kath Maris

“Having 1 on 1 sessions with Autumn have been nothing short of life changing. I’ve been keeping up with her through social media for years, and when I saw she had openings for 1 on 1 sessions, I knew in my heart that it was my time (but not without hesitation at first). As soon as signed up, I felt SUCH lightness and excitement to get started (confirming to me it was a good decision!). Her passion for her work is undeniable and she came to each session with so much love and openness. She is a fantastic listener and her feedback always felt like exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes it was motherly love, sometimes it was tougher love, sometimes it felt like she was a direct channel to my higher self. Autumn helped me find my power and would gently remind me when I would forget. Her gentle, heart-centered energy radiated through every word she spoke, allowing me to feel totally safe to be completely vulnerable. Her intuition is remarkably strong, and she always knew exactly what kind of medicine I needed from each session. She spoke in such a way that felt so easy to absorb, but never watered-down. Having her as a guide has proven to be absolutely priceless. Every day I wake up I feel closer and closer to living my dream and there’s no doubt that Autumn’s loving guidance was a huge part of manifesting that. I wish I could accurately express how much knowing her has improved my life. I’m endlessly grateful for her beautiful gifts and being able to experience them in such an intimate setting.”

Sophia Oliver

About Me:

Hi and welcome, I am Autumn. I am an Intuitive, woman's empowerment and embodiment guide, Earth Magick practitioner, founder of Innate Beauty, a natural skin care and flower potions apothecary, host of the Freeing the Wild Women podcast and free birth advocate. I have helped thousands of women in the realm of self love and self empowerment. I hold an online coven, Sorceress, group embodiment journeys, and guide women into their own Intuition. I am a certified psychic, trained in herbal medicine under the Chestnut School of Herbalism, a certified a Shaktirize instructor, and have been studying body wisdom, rewilding and quantum magick for the past 5+ years. My work is empowering women to realize the absolute wisdom and power they hold in their cyclical bodies. To help re-connect them to their Intuition, their pleasure, their magick, & their primordial radiance. I graduated valedictorian and chose to pursue an alternative educational path because I have been devoted to the Re-Wilded Woman, to the Innate knowledge, beauty & magick that lives in the bones of all beings. I am dedicated to the path of Feminine Mysteries, the Goddess, and the power of Earth based, body based practice. I hold in person workshops, retreats and facilitate healing experiences as well as offer virtual programs, classes, and 1:1 work. I invite you to journey with me into your wild, intuitive, nature.

The Buzz About Queen Bee

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“queen bee has been so powerful for me and I am going to be coming back again and again to the materials and practicing them. Thank you autumn for this space and wisdom 💗 ”

Sarah Clemens

“So many good things have been happening (... from the work we've been doing in Queen Bee...) its insaaane. It's almost scary. All my dreams are slowly coming true back to back”


“thank you again Autumn. 🙏💚 What I've learnt in this container will have a lasting impact on myself! Still having lessons come up but it's really started my journey of becoming Queen Bee 🐝 I feel so much more myself & able to express myself in all my forms. I never realized how small I was letting myself stay thinking it was the better way 💚 ”


“Totally magical! YES! I am feeling so empowered...”