Your Journey

    1. She Glows Introduction

    1. Preparing for the Inner Journey

    2. Activating My Core Essence Guided Journey

    1. Reflection Questions

    1. Why Aura Expansion?

    2. Aura Strenghtenong Guided Journey

    1. Preparing for Embodiment

    2. She Glows Embodiment Playlist

    3. Guided Embodiment Practice

    1. Brave, Brilliant, Beautiful.

    2. Rebirthed {Sensual Guided Practice}

    3. YOU GLOW!! Congratulations & See You Soon

About this course

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She Glows is an initiation into your bigness, your fullness. This journey creates self-sourced, confident, women. If you struggle to feel sexy, powerful, connected to your Inner Authority- this is for YOU. Join the 30+ women who have been on this transformative journey. Step into your authentic POWER. You Glow..

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